Kinder to the Planet, One Shop Fit at a Time

Many UK retailers are now considering the sustainability of the materials used in their stores and showrooms to reduce the environmental impact of shop-fits.

Leading on from this and in the wake of COP26, Graffiti has launched a new sustainability service to bridge retailers’ knowledge gaps surrounding eco-conscious choices.

Sustainability in retail is changing

‘Greenwashing’ and tick boxing are becoming things of the past as retailers implement meaningful environmental and sustainability plans that ‘Greenwashing’ and tick boxing are becoming things of the past as retailers implement meaningful environmental and sustainability plans that extend to the eco-credentials of showroom fit-outs. As a result, demand for signage that (in all senses) ‘won’t cost the earth’ is increasingly on the agenda. Traditionally eco-choices have afforded premium prices; however, as demand increases, Graffiti see that price gap gradually closing and choices broadening.

Eco-credentials are now on the table

Re-usable messaging is proving increasingly popular. Barker and Stonehouse approached us wanting to communicate in-store messaging on re-configurable displays. As the first UK furniture retailer of scale to achieve Carbon Neutral Plus status, we knew that whatever we specified would need a sustainable edge. Aluminium seemed the obvious choice as it is incredibly versatile, lightweight, durable, and 100% recyclable. The resulting metal displays are built to last and shouldn’t see a recycling plant for many years to come. We’re now continuing the sustainability conversation by sharing news of several PVC-free display materials that have come to market.

Traditional artisan craftsmanship and materials are also on the rise again, including a renaissance for timber signage. In a new flagship concept store for Lush, not only did this lead the design towards a timber fascia and projector sign, Lush’s shopfitter actively reconditioned furnishings for use in-store. We’ve always worked closely with the team at Lush. In the past, we have made displays incorporating honey and letters made out of soap, recycled yoghurt pots and moss-covered board. Our team like to rise to a challenge!

What’s next?

As a company, we never want to be eco-militant; however, we’re looking to initiate meaningful conversations around sustainability with retailers. We hope that our sustainability service will highlight to retailers the ever-increasing range of eco-conscious materials that come to market. We’re looking forward to crafting solutions that are ever-increasingly kinder to the planet.

Graffiti Design’s services are employed by high street retailers, furniture stores, restaurants, pubs, estate agents, online concept stores, museums, heritage projects, leisure centres, corporate organisations and more. Contact Graffiti Design today, or read more about our signage process or see some of the large brand names we have worked with.

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